What Clients Say

“Working with Cris was pivotal to my growth because I had tried so many things and still felt “stuck” in my life and wasn’t sure where to turn or what to do about it. Using Core Energetics with Cris allowed me to safely move through so many core issues for healing. Cris also taught me to use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) on myself to continue to clear issues as they arose in my life. I began to take risks I previously didn’t believe possible – knowing myself and living from my values, leaving a high paying job which had become unsatisfying, having more honest & fulfilling relationships, selling our home and moving cross country and leaving behind old concepts & beliefs about myself that were impeding my growth. I cannot say enough about what working with Cris has done for me. I recommend him to others without hesitation.”
Now Enjoying Life Day-by-Day Former Human Resources Manager

“I met Cris when I was at a cross road in my life. My current career of 20 some years wasn’t inspiring me any longer and I knew I needed to make a change. Cris helped me focus on what I wanted; he helped me realize my options and how I could go about making the needed change. I was encouraged by the idea that Cris himself had made a career change – this inspired me to seek his counseling and also to make a change myself. Cris also taught me to use EFT and now I’m a big believer in its power. I still use EFT today to help me overcome any obstacles I may imagine to be blocking me. Thanks Cris for helping make such a great and wonderful change with my life! I am now living a life I love and working in a career that is truly inspiring.”
Founder, Holistic Health Counseling Business, Former Engineer

“Thanks Cris, for sharing the EFT technique with me… Some particularly distressing things were going on and I found myself upset and unable to focus on work. I took a short break and found a quiet space to sit and collect my thoughts. Then I remembered the EFT process I had learned from Cris. I began–not knowing whether it would help. Initially I assessed my stress level as 8 or 9. After going through the EFT steps I found my self much more relaxed, with my stress level reduced to a 2 or 3. I returned to work, and even though nothing in the outer conditions had changed, my experience of being in the moment had. I was able to re-focus and do the next thing on my schedule effectively with a renewed sense of purpose.”
Library Sciences Information Manager

“I feel as if a great weight has lifted off me. One that had been there a long time… I can say that I am and feel like a different person after completing this workshop. I would definitely recommend this class to others who are ready to move forward in their lives and release some held-onto emotions that no longer serve their highest good. (…It’s not always easy) but in the end you will find that you are much freer to be yourself and express how you truly feel inside.”
Computer Technician, EFT and Personal Growth Workshop Participant

“Over the past 9 years, I have been Cris’ student, client, and colleague. He is a sensitive, caring professional; and a bright, skilled practitioner. His business experience gives him a broad perspective and he understands his clients quickly. I have seen the positive impact he has had on others, and it is clear he is committed to supporting his clients and their growth. I strongly recommend him as a practitioner and coach.”
Corporate Consultant, Energy Medicine Instructor

“I’ve had the good fortune to see Cris Jacobs ‘in action’. I am a 4 year graduate as well as a Teaching Assistant at the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences. Cris was the Core Energetics instructor for the Freshmen class that I TA’d last year. The class consisted of 12 women. The 3-hour Core sessions can be and are very personal and intense. Cris with his gentle (but firm when necessary) approach created a safe and loving space for the women. He was also proactive in preparing for each class. He would show up at least a half hour before the classes would begin to sit with the teacher and the 2 TA’s to get a read on how the students were doing and on whom and where he might put some special attention. Having done Core work myself, I greatly respected the way Cris worked with the women and was able to help each get in touch with deeply buried emotions and pain…to support them when in that fragile state….but also to help them have major epiphanies.”
IT Senior Business Analyst, Energy Medicine Instructor