Keys to Fulfillment

….From 10 years of Client Sessions Simple to understand, but difficult to do!
Wherever you aren’t getting what you want in life, it’s a call to learn something new about yourself. Below are some of the main “lessons” that people find useful in moving past “stuck” places – on the way to getting what they really want.

  1. Stop Blaming. Instead, ask yourself what you are mad about and what you can do different to meet your needs. You aren’t a victim!
  2. Have no expectations; accept things will always change. More often than not, thoughts about how things are, are more of a problem than the problem! If you often say: “it shouldn’t be that way”, read #2 again.
  3. Stop saying “yes” when you mean “no”. The truth is you can’t really say yes unless you are free to say no.
  4. Stop running. Get help with, and overcome your fears.
  5. Stop having to win, be right, or make your point, instead of listening. Ask yourself what you really have to lose, and is it worth it? Rather than winning, make your goal to clearly state what you believe to be your truth (then you can’t “lose”).
  6. Stop having to be appropriate, and follow your passion!
  7. Discover your mask, or facade; get out of auto-pilot.
  8. Acknowledge your “shadow”, or your disowned negative aspects (no acting out, though…). This will release an enormous amount of energy for you to use positively!