Stages of Personal Growth

Being Human 101: Stages of Personal Growth

1. Pre-Work

“People who resist the best in themselves experience terrible suffering… The longer pain is denied, the greater the breakdown, when it occurs…”

…There is little awareness of one’s own responsibility. Rather, you look for solutions, who/what to blame.

…Sometimes there is actual suffering and awareness of discomfort;
other times there may be denial, anxiety, difficulty concentrating.
There can also be difficulties with addictions, or impulsive behaviors.

2. The Beginning: Increasing Awareness

“Longings help us to know that we need to embark on a new road of development.”

…At first, people often feel they are getting worse.
(more blame, anger, fear, unhappiness; less self-worth…)

…You begin to feel what’s at the surface that you’ve been ignoring; then old feelings locked in body emerge.

…There is a growing interest in increasing self-awareness.
If you spot it, you got it…
“I used to be that way, not as much anymore.”
You often “have a problem with the problem”.

…Then you bargain: “I know I should do…..; what if I just did…. “

…You start meditating.

3. The Middle: Facing Your Fears

“We can only reach our Core of Love by going in and through our level of hatred and negativity.”

…You sense your own Higher Self; and more of your Lower Self
(your ‘shadow-side’, your ‘not-me’)…

…You see more clearly what’s been running your life; there is an equation that makes sense from a less evolved place that doesn’t work anymore (masks, defenses, lower self).

…You collide with “I can’t give it up” and “I must give it up”. And you realize no one else can do it for you…

…You practice/experiment making different uncharacteristic decisions, taking different action. I can only change myself, what can I do different?

…Your family and friends get annoyed/worried about you…

…You face “the Void”: who am I without my old drama?

…Your teacher/mentor/guide says things like:
What you are learning will help you, you’ll see…
Its like exercising a spiritual muscle…
I don’t know what else to tell you…

4. Transformation: Co-Creation

“The soul has an inborn brilliance and beauty… Love emerges spontaneously as the person removes the obstacles of misappropriated energy that stand in its way.”

…As you face your biggest demons (fear, anger, vulnerability, letting go of control…) you make two or three big decisions/changes that you must to move forward in your life, as you let go of the old way.

…You give up something you thought you could never give up because your values change.

…You forgive those who did things that caused you “to make yourself feel pain”; and you forgive yourself.

…You surrender (not passivity). You get over your “transference to your higher power”; and you trust your intuition, your Core, your Higher Self.

…You center your life on your values. Living your Greater Purpose brings you joy as you serve others.

…You create from your heart, with a higher power, instead of your willfulness.

…True unconditional love (not dependency) for self and others is your natural state more and more.

Quotes from John Pierrakos MD, founder of Core Energetics