Reach for the Best in You!

Stop Looking to "Fix" What is "Wrong"…

Your Life is Transformed Through Self-Discovery Rather than Self-Improvement

Cris helps clients transform their lives, relationships, and careers with a unique combination of experience: 20 years in the Corporate Workplace (Finance/Investments), AND 15 years of coaching individuals. He helps each client reach into the depth of their Soul so they can be more of their True Self and get more of what they really want in life.

The approach Cris uses works well with people who know what they do and why they do it; but still can’t make the changes they want. He creates experiences for clients that help them “get out of their own way”; they then make new, more fulfilling choices in their lives.

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Cris uses a powerful three-step transformational process with clients:  Know (and appreciate) Yourself, Free Yourself, and BE Yourself.

What Happens in Coaching Sessions?

We’ll talk about what you want, your wishes, dreams, and goals.  And whatever else comes up.  I listen “between the lines” and ask questions to help you “get” yourself at a deeper level - or said another way, increase your awareness of whats happening inside you as we talk.  As we do this, you’ll become aware that if you’re not getting what you want in your life, that there is something in the way (pushing harder won’t work).  Then we’ll “work” with whats in the way.  Problems are an invitation to know and transform yourself.

As you come to know yourself better, you’ll discover that you’ve subconsciously adapted to life  based on distorted expectations, views, programs, tapes have been running your life.  Sometimes just the insight about these adaptations is enough to re-energize your life in a new way.  Most times, it takes more.  “More” is the work that releases and transforms the stuck emotions from the early insults, woundings in life as well as from the continued pain of facing life from your adaptations. This is freeing yourself.

As you release more energy for your life, you are faced with a choice.  Will you keep doing things the old way that resulted in stuck energy… or will you channel your energy in a way that really reflects more of who you are?  You find that you can make new choices, choices that really serve you and allow you to have what you want in life.  Here, you learn to “be yourself”, at a deeper level.

Note: EFT is used by Cris to assist in personal growth, and is not a substitute for medical treatment.